What’s Next Up for You?

Whether you transfer to a four-year college or start your career after graduation, we want to help you achieve your goals. Brightpoint offers high-quality education with 75+ majors in a friendly, supportive environment.

Next Up: Transfer

With our guaranteed admissions agreements, you can build a foundation at Brightpoint to set you up for success at a four-year university.

  • Since age seven, Saamiya Mohammed has been a busy baker. Two years ago, she got serious about her sweet skills and established a business. Known as “the cake girl” around campus, the business administration major somehow makes time to go all-in on the student experience.

  • When Dana Legere started at Brightpoint, she couldn’t conceive how far her college connections would take her. Before transferring to James Madison University, Brightpoint’s 2018 Trailblazer of the Year amassed a sterling leadership résumé — including Student Government Association president, Governor’s Task Force delegate and General Assembly representative — which led to a niche role with a government consulting firm that merges her passions for science and politics.

  • Jason Taylor, an Air Force veteran and a single father, cashed in his GI Bill at Brightpoint to grow his real estate business and be a role model for his 3-year-old son.

Next Up: A Career You Love

At Brightpoint, you can get started on a new career in two years or less. We offer hands-on training that will give you the skills local employers want.

  • When Billy Whorley interviewed at Church & Dwight and learned the company was willing to make an investment in his education, he was sold on the job. Soon after starting, Billy earned Lean Practitioner certification through Church & Dwight’s partnership with the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA). A year later, he’s earned two additional certifications and enrolled in Brightpoint’s industrial electricity CSC to keep advancing his career.

  • After making a career jump from electrician to designer, Jeremy Collins returned to the college to complete the electrical engineering technology degree he started 25 years earlier.

  • After graduating from the EMS program, Damien Winn has gone from volunteer to full time firefighter, paramedic mentor and instructor.

Next Up: A New Career Path

You don’t have to stay in a job that isn’t working for you. At Brightpoint, a new career path isn’t out of reach. Our flexible course options and academic support allow you to complete your degree while continuing to work.

  • Jason Taylor, an Air Force veteran and a single father, cashed in his GI Bill at Brightpoint to grow his real estate business and be a role model for his 3-year-old son.

  • After 22 years as a hairstylist, Tiffany Longest wanted a new career with a steady paycheck and benefits to support her family. She completed her certificate in welding and now works preparing and welding pipes for large construction projects.

  • After retiring from the military, Derrick Branson volunteered in his children's school to spend time with them. That experience, and the Educate VA program, kicked off a second act of service: teaching.

Choose Brightpoint For:

  1. Inside track to 35+ top colleges and universities
    Brightpoint offers its graduates guaranteed admission to 35+ colleges and universities across Virginia and beyond, including VCU, ODU, Virginia Tech, VSU and UVA.
  2. Marketable skills that employers value
    Top companies like HCA Virginia and Altria invest in Brightpoint so that our graduates have cutting-edge expertise. Launch your career in two years or less with Brightpoint’s professional certificates, individual courses and certifications.
  3. Same four-year degree, less tuition
    When Brightpoint graduates transfer to a four-year university, they earn the same degree but have more money in their pockets. Two years at Brightpoint and two years at a four-year university typically costs less than three years at a university.
  4. Supportive environment
    With an average class size of 15 students, Brightpoint offers personal attention, advising, tutoring and other support services to help you succeed.
  5. Student life
    Participate or take a leadership role in over 30 clubs and organizations, intramural sports and other activities on campus.