Event Information:

Mining the Present represents Cynthia Myron's most recent body of work which presents a dialogue to consider; one that exists between individuals, intimate spaces, and the fleeting moments within nature. The culmination of these works explore the human impact on our natural landscape while simultaneously asking the viewer to examine their own place in the conversation as they consider the idea of home and place; how they serve as a symbol of safety and shelter.

Works provide a moment for contemplation, particularly those which are viewable by only one individual at a time. Isolated moments of voyeurism provide an opportunity to reconsider and deconstruct the notions of labor, industry, and commodity and present the opportunity to consider what is constant and reliable compared to what is mutable, shifting, and curiously inconsistent. The Art Gallery at Brightpoint has more information on this exhibit.


Monday, October 23, 2023 - Friday, December. 8, 2023 (all day)


Midlothian Campus, Eliades Hall E107