Brightpoint does not generate bills for tuition and fees directly. It is your responsibility to pay your tuition and fees by the deadlines in the tables listed below. If you do not pay all tuition and fees by the appropriate date, you may lose some or all of your classes (referred to as having your classes “dropped”).

Spring 2023 Payment Deadlines

Payments for spring courses at Brightpoint Community College are currently being accepted.

Spring 2023 Payment Deadline Calendar

You must pay your tuition and all mandatory fees – student activity fee, technology fee and student parking fee – as well as any course material fees at the same time. Partial payments (for example, paying for one class out of several classes or only paying a fractional amount of one class) are not sufficient to hold all classes.

It is the student's responsibility to drop any classes by the last day to drop with a refund for each session to ensure no debt is incurred.