What does Kurzweil do?

  • Assists users in reading volumes of text including a variety of text-analyzing tools such as—
    • 31 natural text-to-speech voices
    • 18 languages available for text-to-speech
    • a customizable reading rate/presentation
    • the ability to create MP3 files of readings, and much more
  • Utilizes a talking calculator that will read-aloud basic math as well as the ability to close the software and resume reading exactly on the page a user/student finished on upon re-opening the software.
  • Offers many dictionaries with one-click access to American Heritage dictionaries, picture dictionaries, and a talking dictionary.
  • Provides a variety of note tools including sticky and voice notes as well as bookmark tools.
  • Allows users to translate words and/or full passages in up to 70+ different languages.
  • Provides users with a writing path that supports writing from beginning to end, a space for mapping ideas with brainstorms and graphic organizers, and the tools to create writing template outlines.
  • Similar to the capabilities of many phones and other typing devices, Kurzweil 3000 is also equipped with word prediction, as well as spell-checking and speech-to-text tools.
  • Kurzweil 3000 can create a test/assignment using a Test-Prep toolbar and also  lock features of the software to allow for a more realistic examination environment. Users/Students can create assignments, essays, multiple-choice, short answer, and even true/false testable questions.

Register for Kurzweil

Note that where it says, “External ID” put in your Student ID#. Once you entered your information you will be given a username and a password.

Video Resources

These videos offer an overview of the basic features in Kurzweil3000.com.


Getting Started

Technical Support

If you need any technical support for Kurzweil 3000, please reach out to Technical Support from Kurzweil Education.