Effective Fall 2022, all English foundational and corequisite support courses are offered as EDE - English Direct Enrollment – and combine foundational writing and reading.  The attention and guidance you’ll receive in foundational and corequisite support classes is designed to give you confidence as a student and to build your skills as you work toward your degree or certificate.

Foundational English Courses:

  • EDE 10, English Composition Preparation, provides academic skills and support for introductory composition. Students will identify and apply academic skills including critical reading, writing, thinking and research.
  • Upon successful completion of EDE 10, instructors recommend enrollment in EDE 11/ENG 111 or ENG 111 or ENG 115/ENG 131.

Corequisite Support English Courses:

  • EDE 11, English Composition Readiness, provides academic support for successful completion of the college level course ENG 111, English Composition I. 

If you are a new student and have questions about which English foundational or corequisite support courses you need to take, contact your New Student Navigator.  If you are a current student, contact the Help Hub to determine the most appropriate English course for your major.

Free tutoring and writing support for English is available by appointment and on a walk-in basis at the Academic Resource Center located on each campus.  Online tutoring is also available.