Effective Fall 2022, all mathematics foundational and corequisite support courses are offered as MDE - Mathematics Direct Enrollment.  MDE content is delivered by the instructor through direct instruction, active learning exercises, and individualized support.  The attention and guidance you will receive in foundational and corequisite support classes is designed to give you confidence as a student and to build your skills as you work toward your degree or certificate.

Foundational Mathematics Courses

  • MDE 10, Introduction to Algebra, prepares students for:
    • MTH 111, Basic Technical Mathematics,
    • MTH 130, Fundamentals of Reasoning,
    • MDE 54 with MTH 154, Quantitative Reasoning or
    • Further algebra development in MDE 60, Intermediate Algebra, for those pursuing  science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors.
  • MDE 60, Intermediate Algebra, prepares Business and STEM majors for MDE 61 with MTH 161, Precalculus I.

Corequisite Support Mathematics Courses

  • MDE 54, Learning Support for Quantitative Reasoning, provides review of specific foundational topics needed to be successful on MTH 154, Quantitative Reasoning, topics right before each new quantitative reasoning topic is covered in the college-level course. 
  • MDE 61, Learning Support for Precalculus, provides review of specific foundational topics needed to be successful in MTH 161 Precalculus I topics right before each new precalculus topic is covered in the college-level course.

If you are a new student and have questions about which math foundational or corequisite support courses you need to take, contact your New Student Navigator.  If you are a current student, contact the Help Hub to determine the most appropriate math course for your major.

Free tutoring in all math subjects is available by appointment and on a walk-in basis at the Academic Resource Center located on each campus. Online tutoring is also available.