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CHESTER and MIDLOTHIAN, Va. – The John Tyler Community College Board unanimously approved names for three buildings, including one for a previously unnamed building on its Midlothian Campus, and six campus streets during its November 4, 2021 meeting. The new names are:


  • Chester Campus
    • Beacon Hall as the new name for Bird Hall
    • Discovery Hall as the new name for Godwin Hall 
  • Midlothian Campus
    • Trailblazer Hall as the name of the T Building


  • Chester Campus
    • Brightpoint Drive as the new name for John Tyler Drive
  • Midlothian Campus
    • Brightpoint Way as the new name for Tippecanoe Trail 
    • N. Brightpoint Way as the new name for Tippecanoe Lane
    • Trailblazer Way as the new name for Gardiner Court 
    • Lantern Lane as the new name for Greenway Crossing 
    • Radiant Road as the new name for Peacemaker Court

The College Board’s decision comes a year after the college’s Naming Task Force recommended two of the college’s buildings be renamed. The task force recognized that all individuals are fallible but found the ideologies and actions of former Virginia Governor Mills E. Godwin, for whom Godwin Hall was named, and former Virginia Senator Lloyd C. Bird, for whom Bird Hall was named, go against the college’s values and are in direct conflict with its mission, vision, values and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Both men supported Massive Resistance and were opposed to the desegregation of schools. The task force also recommended six campus streets, which carry names associated with U.S. President John Tyler, the college’s namesake, be renamed. Just over three months ago, the State Board for Community College approved Brightpoint Community College as the new name for John Tyler Community College. 

“I thank the College Board for its decision on these new names,” said Dr. Edward “Ted” Raspiller, president of John Tyler Community College, which is becoming Brightpoint. “These names, like our new college name, reflect who we are and what we do. We are a vibrant community that strives to create a welcoming and inspiring environment for all and that empowers through education.” 

“The names approved by the Board tie directly to our new college name and to the experiences our institution offers to our students and our community,” said Tammie Collins, chair of the John Tyler Community College Board. “We are committed to providing a friendly and supportive environment, where students can challenge themselves; discover and grow their talents and knowledge; and successfully achieve their educational and career goals.”

The building and street changes will not happen immediately. The street names must now be submitted to the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission for review and approval, and the timing of all changes will be aligned with the work already underway as the college prepares to officially change its name to Brightpoint Community College on July 1, 2022. 

John Tyler Community College, which is becoming Brightpoint Community College, offers more than 75 majors that provide pathways to careers in high-demand fields; transfer opportunities to four-year colleges and universities; and industry credentials and licensures. The college, with campuses in Chester and Midlothian, online classes, and off-campus classrooms, served more than 12,790 students during the 2020-21 academic year. It also assisted approximately 5,700 learners, including more than 2,700 job seekers, through its workforce development division, Community College Workforce Alliance, a partnership between Tyler and Reynolds community colleges.