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CHESTER and MIDLOTHIAN, Va. – Academic excellence, leadership, school pride, community service and more were celebrated during John Tyler, which is soon becoming Brightpoint, Community College’s annual Student Awards Night. At the ceremony, held April 29, 2022 at the college’s Chester Campus, more than 120 students were recognized for their achievements. The following awards were presented during the ceremony (zip codes follow recipient names): 

Social Sciences Research Expo Awards
The college’s Social Sciences Research Expo, now in its eighth year, is a showcase of exceptional student research from a variety of classes. At the Expo, students present research and have the opportunity to discuss their findings with those in attendance. This year’s winners are: 

1st Place: Samantha Squyars (23111) for “A Subterranean Subculture: Exploring the Sport of Caving”  
1st Runner Up: Taylor Shoemake (23120) for “An Ethnography of Korean-American Culture”
2nd Runner Up: Jacquelene Foster (23805) for “The Societal Impact of Mothers in Higher Education”

Foundation Art Award
Each year, the John Tyler Community College Foundation sponsors an art award competition to spotlight the gifted artists within the college’s student body. The winner’s work is featured throughout the year on Foundation notecards and posters, and the winning artist receives a monetary award and a framed print of their work. This year’s winning artist is Emily Jalbert (23192) for her work “Limelight Hydrangeas with Hyacinth Bean.” 

CCWA Student Achievement Award
The Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) Student Achievement Award recognizes a student who exceeded expectations or excelled in a workforce training program. This year’s award was presented to Melissa Diaz (23111). Diaz, who has been deaf since the age of two and wanted to work in healthcare, had a counselor tell her early on that she would likely not be hired because she could not hear. But, Diaz did not give up. The mother of four enrolled in Community College Workforce Alliance’s clinical medical assistant program, completed the class, earned her certification, and is now interviewing for jobs.

Tau Rho and Beta Omicron Omicron Phi Theta Kappa Academic Awards
The college’s two Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society chapters, Tau Rho and Beta Omicron Omicron, recognized graduating PTK members with the highest GPAs in their associate degree programs.  

Jennifer Ball (23236)
Matthew Biles (23831)
Jade Brown (66027)
Aubrey Carley (23233)
Clayton Chandler (23235)
Amber Crittenden (23112)
Abram Donahue (23936)
Arden Giasullo (23238)
Emilie Guy (23831)
Melanie Haugh (23834)
Sarah Hevener (23235)
Jasmine Hudson (23112)
Rochane Hurst (23836)
Shelby Lail (23803)
Zoe Lancaster (23235)
Theresa Lucas (23235)
Kimberly Moore (23237)
David Muller (23060)
Amanda Murphy (23838)
Sherry Oglesby (23231)
Jami Parrish (23120)
Jessica Payne (23831)
Ximena Ramirez (23150)
Nicholle Sawyers (23114)
Logan Stafford (23832)
Ha Tran (23060)
Korina Trout (23832)
Jonathan Webber (23237)
Kalli Williams (23139)

Theresa Windham Service Award
This award was first presented in 1996 in honor of Theresa Hands Windham, who succumbed to a sudden illness in 1993 at the age of 37 while serving as the college’s coordinator of grants and development.  During her short tenure at the institution, Windham’s kindness and selflessness touched the lives of countless students, faculty, and staff. Always smiling, always striving to help others, she was loved by all who had the good fortune to make her acquaintance. This award recognizes students who personify Windham’s dedication to service without regard for personal gain or adulation. This year’s recipient was Marisa Gottschalk (23114), a visual arts student who was described as a self-starter who displays empathy, leads by example, and is dedicated to service. 

Daniel Dalton Award
The Daniel Dalton Award is presented annually to an outstanding club or student organization that exhibits excellence in the areas of service to the college, commitment to community service, and dedication to academics. The award is named in honor of Daniel Dalton, one of the college’s founding faculty members, who during his long career as a professor of English was actively involved in the extracurricular life of the institution, serving as an advisor for numerous student organizations. 

This year’s award was presented to the Computer Club. Leaders of this club seek to create a social and academic experience for students interested in computers and technology. Club members gathered routinely throughout the pandemic, making connections and sharing experiences, as well as researched and shopped for items needed for a computer build project. 

Marshall Denison Society
The Marshall Denison Society, named for the college’s second president, was established to recognize individuals who embody the college’s commitment to student success and who have made extraordinary contributions to the student activities program. Che Boisseau, the college’s student activities coordinator, was this year’s inductee. Through Boisseau’s efforts, the college now has 30 student-run clubs. He helped clubs and students stay connected throughout the pandemic by using a variety of social media and online forums. In addition, he transformed the college’s Student Government Association into a true student-led and student-run organization. 

Academic Resource Center Tutor Awards
The Academic Resource Center (ARC) Tutor Award is presented to outstanding student tutors for their work in supporting student success, including their mentoring skills as they help their peers become better learners, positive attitudes, ability to offer thoughtful feedback, and their willingness to take initiative. This year’s Academic Resource Center Tutor Awards were presented to LoReesa Hobson (23237) and Aaron Brookins (23112).

Performing Arts Achievement Awards
The college’s Performing Arts Achievement Award is given to students who have shown exceptional qualities not only with their talent but in other areas such as dedication, growth and persistence. This year’s award recipients were Hunter Keck (23831) and Miciah Thomas (23112).

Trailblazing Student Award
The Trailblazing Student Award recognizes students who have put forth maximum effort inside and outside the classroom, as they balance multiple responsibilities, such as work and family, with their classwork. This year’s recipients were:

Edonit Aliu (23112)
Rosmery Alvarado (23236)
Francinny Amarante (23113)
Tim Ampy (23836)
Devesh Bahel (23836)
Shawn Batty (23236)
Hannah Bogert (23113)
Evan Bond (23112)
Yonna Bradley (23875)
Shawn Bryant (23234)
Jared Burt (23832)
Ashlie Butler (23836)
Tristan Carter (23832)
Anthony Cascone (23139)
Jonathan Cavaliere (23832)
Ishan Chaudhary (23803)
Meara Chavis (23831)
Kyle Cheney (23860)
Robert Clymer (23238)
Victor Crawford III (23875)
Janira Cupeles Diaz (23831)
Markos Daget (22204)
Thomas Dalessandro, Jr. (04086)
Dylan Dehart (23838)
Faith Deiny (23116)
Deveney Drew (23703)
Pacey Eide (23238)
Nikolas Ferraiolo (23832)
Carrie Ford (23112)
Christopher Glover (23832)
Harrison Goehring (23236)
Thomas Gordon (23841)
Marisa Gottschalk (23114)
Mikey Griffith (23236)
Catelyn Hartley (23112)
Logan Hartman (23831)
Michael Herman (23114)
Vincent Ho (23235)
Destiny Hunt (23831)
Sean Hyatt (23831)
Charlene Jones-Villedrouin (23831)
Dhilan Kamani (23114)
Nick Kochanski (23832)
Mayra Martinez (23693)
Robert McClintick (23113)
Megan Meador (23112)
Nicholas Mezynski (23832)
Norvel Miller IV (23139)
Jeremy Mitchell (23321)
Peyton Neff (23114)
Joshua Parrish (23832)
Whitney Phillips (23860)
Kyle Pierce (23120)
Victor Polemeni (23875)
Detrich Richardson (23228)
Jacqueline Rivas-Martinez (23834)
Noah Roberts (23832)
Arthur Rodgers (23220)
Mathew Romero (23060)
Kali Ross (23841)
Daniel Routhier (23832)
Alex Rudy (23112)
Anthony Runyon (23834)
Joshua Sanchez (23803)
Chelsea Scheetz (23116)
Kendall Schenck (23832)
Emerson Shrader (23225)
Sal Sidoti (23112)
Logan Simmons (23139)
Brian Sullivan (23834)
Vanessa Tanner (23113)
Tiondra Thomas (23832)
Tiondra Threat (23234)
Daniel Thurmond (23113)
Charlyn Todd (23803)
Enrique Isaias Valenzuela Lesme (23832)
Charles Velasquez (23832)
Stuart Voelker (23234)
Morgan Waller (23114)
Mark Walsh (22305)
Blake Warner (23113)
Bradley Webster (23112)
Bradley White (23141)
Stacey Woodson (23223)
Cooper Zell (23832)

Trailblazer of the Year Award
The Trailblazer of the Year Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a student. The award is presented annually to a student for outstanding academic performance and volunteer service to the college and who the faculty and staff believe will achieve great success. This year’s Trailblazer of the Year is James Calderon (23834). Calderon, an information technology student, was praised for his ability to excel in online classes, for his outstanding work and communications; and for making a remarkable impression on the faculty and students with whom he interacted.

John Tyler Community College, which is becoming Brightpoint Community College on July 1, 2022, offers more than 75 majors that provide pathways to careers in high-demand fields; transfer opportunities to four-year colleges and universities; and industry credentials and licensures. The college, with campuses in Chester and Midlothian, online classes, and off-campus classrooms, served more than 12,790 students during the 2020-21 academic year. It also assisted approximately 5,700 learners, including more than 2,700 job seekers, through its workforce development division, Community College Workforce Alliance, a partnership between Tyler and Reynolds community colleges.