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Joe Detmer had the opportunity to move into a new role at work. The catch? It required electrical skills he didn’t have. To get up to speed, Joe took classes and now has the right qualifications to move forward in today’s fast-paced workplace, all while staying with the company he’s worked with for decades.

For Joe Dettmer, it all started with one class.

Joe, who has a mechanical background and works at DuPont, had a chance to go in to the electrical field in work. He took the opportunity and ran with it.

To familiarize himself with his new field, he took one class at Tyler, now Brightpoint, then another and another. Eventually, he earned multiple, stackable credentials.

Now, this electrical engineering technology grad has the right skills and credentials to move forward in today’s fast-paced workplace, all while staying at the company he’s been with for decades.

"My Tyler experience opened doors for me at work. Now, they look to me as more of a resource and an asset."

Joe Detmer

Dupont Employee, Electrical Engineering Technology

Joe Detmer

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