Students who are interested in using a 529 plan to pay for their classes at Brightpoint should follow these steps each semester they wish to enroll:

  1. Contact your 529 plan administrator to find out what documentation they need in order to make a payout to Brightpoint from your account.
  2. Register for classes.
  3. Send appropriate documentation, including the total amount due in tuition and fees to your 529 plan administrator.
  4. Your 529 plan administrator will submit paperwork and payment to Brightpoint’s Financial Services Office, and you will be notified when payment has been received.

This process can take time to complete; do not wait until the last minute to submit your information to your 529 plan administrator if you want to avoid being dropped from your classes for non-payment. 

If you have questions about using a 529 plan at Brightpoint, contact the Financial Services Office.