SDV 100: College Success Skills

All degree-seeking and some certificate students beginning at Brightpoint are required to take SDV 100: College Success Skills, a one-credit introductory course designed to provide entering students with important information about the college, its policies and services.

The SDV 100 course consists of two major parts:

  • Overview of college programs, services, policies and procedures
    Sample topics covered include programs of study at Brightpoint, academic regulations, registration and advising, transferring to four-year colleges or universities, student rights and responsibilities, disabilities services, tutoring, library services, career services, and student clubs and organizations.
  • Personal development seminars
    These seminars are designed to support six major student development areas: career development; college planning; cultural awareness; health and safety; learning strategies; and personal development and management skills.

Because of the importance of the information presented, students are encouraged to complete the SDV 100 orientation course during their first semester of attendance and no later than within the first 15 credits.

Students who transfer 24 or more semester-hour credits from previous colleges to Brightpoint may not have to take SDV 100. Contact Cathleen McCarthy-Burke for additional information.

Students should consult the current class schedule for a listing of available SDV 100 sections.

English and Math Foundational Coursework

The college offers a simple survey to evaluate which math and English class are the best fit for you.

New students will complete the survey when applying for the college and will work with their New Student Navigator to determine their math and English course placements.

Students who applied to the college prior to Summer 2022 and who have not yet enrolled in math or English should contact with the Help Hub to determine the appropriate math and English courses to take.

Students who are transferring to Brightpoint and have completed eligible college coursework in math and/or English at another institution will work with their New Student Navigator to determine which Brightpoint math and/or English courses to take.

You will receive one of the following placements for math and English:

  • Direct enrollment into college level math and/or English
  • Direct enrollment into college level math and/or English with a corequisite support course 
  • Enrollment in foundational math and/or English courses to prepare for you success in future college level math and/or English courses.

If it is determined that you will benefit from foundational coursework in math and/or English, you will want to enroll in those courses as soon as possible to build the foundation you need to make progress toward your degree.

Foundational and Corequisite Support Math

Foundational and Corequisite Support English

English as a Second Language Support

For students whose first language is not English, Brightpoint offers classes to help them build the skills necessary to succeed in the courses in their major.

ESL Information and Courses