If an assault does occur, you should:

  1. Get to a safe place as soon as possible.
  2. ​​​​Call 911. Then, if the incident occurred at Brightpoint, contact Campus Security at:
  • 804-796-4025 (Chester)
  • 804-897-6678 (Midlothian)

College faculty and staff members can also assist you in reporting the incident. For assistance, contact:

  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator

After the incident occurs, do the following:

  • Try to preserve physical evidence. Do not bathe or change clothes.
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. VCU Medical Center and Bon Secours Hospitals have specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) on call 24 hours a day.  SANE nurses collect evidence through a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK), which can later be used in criminal proceeding.  The victim is not charged for the cost of the PERK. The PERK will be used to prosecute your assailant if you decide to press charges.  You do not have to decide or promise to press charges to have a PERK completed, but may have it done to preserve evidence while deciding whether or not to press charges.
  • Consider contacting a trusted friend or family member to stay with you and support you. Emergency room staff will contact The Richmond Regional Hospital Accompaniment Team (R-HART), who will send a trained advocate to the hospital. The advocate will be available to provide you with emotional support and information about community resources and support services. 

The following resources offer free and confidential services and support to those impacted by sexual assault, abuse or violence:

Local Community Resources

National and State Resources

Support Resources for Veterans and Armed Forces