• Dana Legere

    When Dana Legere started at Brightpoint, she couldn’t conceive how far her college connections would take her. Before transferring to James Madison University, Brightpoint’s 2018 Trailblazer of the Year amassed a sterling leadership résumé — including Student Government Association president, Governor’s Task Force delegate and General Assembly representative — which led to a niche role with a government consulting firm that merges her passions for science and politics.

  • Billy Whorley

    When Billy Whorley interviewed at Church & Dwight and learned the company was willing to make an investment in his education, he was sold on the job. Soon after starting, Billy earned Lean Practitioner certification through Church & Dwight’s partnership with the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA). A year later, he’s earned two additional certifications and enrolled in Brightpoint’s industrial electricity CSC to keep advancing his career.

  • Students sitting side by side.
    by Holly Walker

    The college is looking for alumni and current students to help us tell the Brightpoint story during June photo and video shoots.

  • Erica Mokun, journalist

    Through her involvement in our campus community, Erica Mokun discovered her passion for illuminating other people's stories through journalism.

  • Geovany Chavarria, education specialist

    The connections Geovany Chavarria made at the college helped him reimagine what was possible for his future and include a bachelors degree in his career plan.

  • Jeremy Collins

    After making a career jump from electrician to designer, Jeremy Collins returned to the college to complete the electrical engineering technology degree he started 25 years earlier.

  • Daniel McCloud, entrepreneur

    Daniel McCloud started his associates degree in machining while still in high school, and then scored an internship with Rolls Royce that turned into a full-time job. Now he has returned to the college to build his business skills as he starts his own business.

  • Yvonka Weaver, social worker

    Two weeks after enrolling at the college to become a social worker, Yvonka Weaver was diagnosed with 3 brain aneurysms. She persevered through her health challenges, and with her college support network, completed her degree and transferred to VCU.

  • Alex Ritchie, VCU student

    After a NASA internship, leading campus groups, and earning her associate degree in engineering at the college, Alex Ritchie is completing her bachelor's degree at VCU and winning awards for her research.

  • Published:

    Austin Mostoller turned to the college for an education that mirrored what he would face in the field as a paramedic.