Brightpoint Student Awarded a National Transfer Scholarship

by Holly Walker

Brightpoint Community College congratulates Hamin “Daniel” Son, who recently received the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship! Hamin was one of only 60 college students, nationwide, selected for this highly competitive scholarship, which is designed to help transfer students complete their undergraduate educations with as little debt as possible. Through this program, Cooke Scholars receive as much as $55,000 a year in last-dollar funding as they work toward earning their bachelor’s degrees.  

On May 13, Hamin celebrated his graduation from Brightpoint, where he earned an associate degree in engineering. We asked Hamin, who is participating in a summer internship at NASA, about his time at Brightpoint, his upcoming plans, and what it means to be named a Cooke Scholar. 

Brightpoint Experience: “My experiences at Brightpoint Community College have been foundational to my growth. As a student, I enjoyed a supportive and vibrant learning environment where instructors were not only teachers but also mentors. The college’s focus on comprehensive education and its robust support system enabled me to excel academically and personally. The opportunities I had to engage in various projects and collaborative learning at Brightpoint were crucial in preparing me for the challenges of a rigorous academic program at a major university. 

As a student tutor, I learned more from helping fellow students as tutees to reinforce my understanding of every single course's content I have learned not only at Brightpoint but throughout high school as well. I was also lucky enough to make lifelong friends and find my own community where I felt like I belonged at Brightpoint Community College.”

Next Up: “After my rewarding time at Brightpoint, I am set to continue my education at the University of Virginia, where I will be majoring in Computer Science. This field has always intrigued me, especially the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. I am eager to dive deeper into these subjects and explore their potential to transform industries and societies. While pursuing Computer Science, I also plan on taking Chemistry or Biochemistry as a double major or a minor.

I look forward to bringing the skills and knowledge I’ve gained at Brightpoint to UVA and beyond.” 

Receiving the Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship: “Being named a Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholar holds profound significance for me. It represents both a recognition of my past efforts and a gateway to further opportunities. This scholarship not only alleviates some of the financial burdens associated with higher education but also motivates me to maintain my commitment to academic excellence and community involvement.”