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CHESTER and MIDLOTHIAN, Va. – Academic excellence, artistic and writing talents, leadership, determination, commitment and more were recognized during Brightpoint Community College’s annual Student Awards Ceremony. The ceremony, held April 25, 2024, at the college’s Chester Campus, celebrated more than 100 students for their achievements. The following awards were presented during the event (zip codes follow recipient names):

Foundation Art Award
Each year, the Brightpoint Community College Foundation sponsors an art award competition to spotlight the gifted artists within the college’s student body. The winner’s work is featured throughout the year on Foundation notecards and posters, and the winning artist receives a monetary award and a framed print of their work. The 2024 Foundation Art Award winner was Sue Berinato (23060) for her photograph A Good, Good Day. During the presentation, the contests’ finalists were also recognized: Joshua A. Cloninger (23235), Audrey Cren (23112), Emily Jalbert (23192), Estefania Jimenez Rivero (23832), John-Lewis Opher (23060), Camila Sánchez Carrera (23116), and Olivia Satterwhite (23112).

Currents Art & Literary Review Awards
The college’s Currents Art & Literary Review highlights the creativity, writing and artistic talent of Brightpoint students. The publication includes four categories: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and art. Judges review and select first, second and third place winners in each category and may award honorable mentions. The winning entries are published in the Review.

1st Place – Estafania Rivero (23832)
2nd Place – Megan Ikley (23235)
3rd Place – Alex Waitkus (23831)
Honorable Mention – Lilith Watts (23229)
Honorable Mention – Robert Wynne (23236)

1st Place – Hannah Rouse (23838)
2nd Place – Alex Waitkus (23831)
3rd Place – Bridgett Green (23139)
Honorable Mention – Terreal Brown (23235)
Honorable Mention – Genevieve Fugette (23236)

Creative Nonfiction
1st Place – Fairouz Bsharat (23236)
2nd Place – Hannah Rouse (23838)
3rd Place – Val Hogan (23224)
Honorable Mention – Glyn Salabao (23236)
Honorable Mention – Kayla Pegram (23112)

1st Place – Heidi Beneduci (24012)
2nd Place – Mike Lewandowski (23103)
3rd Place – Zachary Jones (23223)
Honorable Mention – Miranda Dearbeck (23139)
Honorable Mention – Monique Thompson (23075)

Tau Rho and Beta Omicron Omicron Phi Theta Kappa Academic Awards
Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges. Brightpoint Community College has two chapters: Tau Rho and Beta Omicron Omicron. Each year, the chapters recognize their graduating members who have the highest grade point averages in their associate degree programs.  

Jason Bachert (23235)
Dylan Brown (23236)
Diya Chhabra (23834)
Paige Faberman (23112)
Abigail Farrow (23831)
Jacob Gofton (23238)
William Golden III (23803)
Micah Jefferson (23803)
Jesse Landis (23040)
Franciele Momberg (23005)
Cindy Monohan (23124)
Laith Naser (23112)
Allen Nelson (23831)
Matthew Nowacki (23838)
Joshua Opher (23060)
Andrea Rock (23832)
Yerik Rojas (23831)
Camila Sánchez (23116)
Kelsy Smith (23805)
Hamin Son (23114)
Tammie Stout (37620)
Hanna Vosburg (23113)
Margaret Wilkinson (23114)
Josef Wolpert (23231)

Theresa Windham Service Award
This award was first presented in 1996 in honor of Theresa Hands Windham, who succumbed to a sudden illness in 1993 at the age of 37 while serving as the college’s coordinator of grants and development. During her short tenure at the institution, Windham’s kindness and selflessness touched the lives of countless students, faculty, and staff. Always smiling, always striving to help others, she was loved by all who had the good fortune to make her acquaintance. This award recognizes students who personify Windham’s dedication to service without regard for personal gain or adulation. This year’s recipient is Courtney Sawyer (23114), a visual arts major, who continually displays kindness and compassion, is an advocate for students, and is actively involved in promoting and supporting the arts at Brightpoint.

Daniel Dalton Award
The Daniel Dalton Award is presented annually to an outstanding club or student organization that exhibits excellence in the areas of service to the college, commitment to community service, and dedication to academics. The award is named in honor of Daniel Dalton, one of the college’s founding faculty members, who during his long career as a professor of English was actively involved in the extracurricular life of the institution, serving as an advisor for numerous student organizations. This year’s award was presented to Brightpoint’s Soccer Club. The club has consistently shown the power of community through their sport and by supporting each other academically and by coming together to participate in other college activities together. Accepting the award on the club’s behalf were 
Dean Schweichler (23836), Divine Barabara (23234), and club sponsor Ebenezer Emos.

Marshall Denison Society
The Marshall Denison Society, named for the college’s second president, was established to recognize individuals who embody the college’s commitment to student success and who have made extraordinary contributions to the student activities program. Suzanne Sherry, the college’s director of library services, was this year’s inductee. Sherry was recognized for supporting students by promoting literary engagement and community through the library’s programs, the college’s technology loan program, and her involvement as an advisor to the Yarn Club. 

Academic Resource Center Tutor Awards
The Academic Resource Center (ARC) Tutor Award is presented to outstanding professional and peer tutors for their efforts in supporting the success of Brightpoint’s students. These workers mentor, encourage, provide support and personalized attention, and problem solve. This year’s Academic Resource Center Tutor Awards were presented to:

Daniel Douglas (23225)
Emma Jo Braun (23112)
Jack Rigdon (23831)

CCWA Student Achievement Award
The Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) Student Achievement Award recognizes students who exceeded expectations or excelled in a workforce training program. This year’s award was presented to: 

Jacquealyne Brooks (23225)
Sunshine Lee (23111)
Emi Takada (23120)

Student Ambassador Awards 
Brightpoint’s Student Ambassador Program plays an essential role in helping create a friendly and welcoming environment at the college. It also gives current students the opportunity to represent the college and become student leaders. Student ambassadors lead tours; assist during special events; help their fellow students in a variety of ways; participate in outreach activities; and more. The Student Ambassador Rising Star Award is given to a freshman student ambassador who excels in and out of the classroom. The Student Ambassador of the Year Award is given to the ambassador that goes above and beyond and who shows a tireless work ethic while volunteering to help students and while representing the college at events and during community activities. 

Rising Star – Lillie Davis (23113)
Ambassador of the Year – Madison McCloud (23831)

Performing Arts Achievement Awards
The college’s Performing Arts Achievement Award is given to students who have shown exceptional qualities not only with their talent but in other areas such as dedication, growth and persistence. Awards were given in the categories of theatre and music. This year’s award recipients were: 

Theatre – Samantha Richardson (23832)
Theatre – Mahala Redden (23803)
Music – Angela Romano (23113)
Music – Donovan Henderson (23857)

Trailblazing Student Award
The Trailblazing Student Award recognizes students who have put forth maximum effort inside and outside the classroom, as they balance multiple responsibilities, such as work and family, with their classwork. This year’s recipients were:

Tracie Artis (23236)
Mercy Amoako (23112)
Divine Barbara (23234)
Alexis Brown (23234)
Madelyne Camp (23831)
Diya Chhabra (23834)
Graeme Cottingham (23832)
Yahaira Cuellar (23226)
Alexandria Davis (23231)
Lillie Davis (23113)
Ralphaelle Do (23220)
Daniel Douglas (23225)
William Elliot (23803)
Christelle Enowtaku (23237)
Jasmine Fallen (23831)
Brandi Flippo (23220)
Yadirah Garcia (23831)
Maryam Glubi (23834)
Thomas Hendrick (23831)
Christopher Herrera (23234)
Madison McCloud (23831)
Oghenefejiro “Feji” Ovwagbedia (23237)
Daniel Perkinson (23831)
Keiyan Price (23860)
Joshua Ralcewicz (23112)
Daniel Ramos (23836)
Jack Rigdon (23831)
David Scotto (23002)
Grace Seo (23114)
Andrea Shearin (20152)
Bennica Tim (23236)
Cindy Torrico Achaval (23803)
Glorious Tshitende (23860)

Trailblazer of the Year Award
The Trailblazer of the Year Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a student. The award is presented annually to a student for outstanding academic performance and volunteer service to the college and who the faculty and staff believe will achieve great success. This year’s Trailblazer of the Year Award was presented to Paige Faberman (23113). Faberman is a science major, who has been a student ambassador, a tutor, and actively involved in college activities. She was praised for her commitment to her education and to those around her, her ability to come up with new ways to organize and learn class material, her willingness to share her methods with her classmates and instructor, and her demonstration of leadership and compassion during a challenging situation.   

Photographs taken during the Awards Ceremony may be found on the college’s Flickr account at

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