By making a gift for scholarships, you can help someone achieve the dream of a college education.

Brightpoint's graduates are the college's most important contribution to the future, and Brightpoint has a deep commitment to helping all students succeed regardless of their financial circumstances.

Scholarships also help Brightpoint attract top-achieving students, raising the college's academic profile and creating a vibrant learning environment that benefits everyone.

Setting Up a Scholarship

You can establish a Foundation Scholarship in your name or in honor of someone important to you and choose the criteria for recipients, such as students with a particular major, residents of a certain area, first-generation students, and financial need and/or merit requirements. The minimum gift depends on whether you want to create an endowed scholarship, which will support students in perpetuity, or make current-use gifts that immediately and directly are awarded to students.

Type of Fund

Minimum Investment

Endowed Scholarships

$30,000 fulfilled within 5 years 

Annual Scholarships

$2,500 fulfilled within 2 years


Selection of Recipients

Foundation Scholarship recipients are chosen by the Brightpoint Community College Foundation's Scholarships Committee. Donors do not participate in the selection process, although scholarship recipients are encouraged to connect with their donors after they receive their awards with thank you notes and other meaningful communications.

Supporting Program-Specific Scholarships

Gifts of any size are welcome and may be directed to any existing Foundation Scholarship fund. If you don't know the exact name of the fund, that's OK; just make a note saying your gift is for [Name of Program] scholarships, and we'll contact you with any questions.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, contact the Foundation at or (804) 594-1476.

Thank you to our scholarship program sponsors.

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