Do I have to set up multi-factor authentication?

Yes. All students, regardless of the types of classes you take, are required to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access the myBrightpoint portal and the apps in the portal, such as Canvas, Gmail, SIS and Navigate.

What is multi-factor authentication?

MFA is another layer of online security that requires you to verify you are who you say you are. This additional security measure helps protect students’ and the college’s data. There are several MFA options available. Some require use a mobile device that you always have with you.

What should I consider as I set up MFA?

  • Important: Before starting to set up MFA, check your personal information in SIS, making sure your personal email address and mobile number are up-to-date and that your mobile number is listed in the "mobile" number field. Some MFA options access this information each time you log in, so it is important that your information is correct. Not sure how to check this information in SIS or how to change it? Watch the how-to video.
  • There are several options. Choose the option that’s best for you. We also recommend setting up a back-up method.
  • Give yourself time. The set-up process can take several minutes. Don’t try to set it up right before a class starts or an online assignment is due.

What if I need help setting up MFA or logging into the myBrightpoint portal?

Staff in the college’s Help Hub are available to assist you. The Help Hub may be reached by phone (804-796-4000), text (804-476-0401).

MFA Options and Set-up Guides

  • Push Notifications – This option uses an app, called RapidIdentity, which is downloaded to your mobile device. Each time you log into the myBrightpoint portal, a notification will appear on your mobile device, asking you to approve or deny access to the portal. See the how-to video.
  • SMS – This options sends SMS (texts) to your mobile device. Each time you log into the myBrightpoint portal, you’ll receive a text with a code you’ll need to enter as part of your portal login. See the how-to video.
  • Temporary One Time Passcodes – This option is set up with your mobile device and creates a unique time-based one-time passcode (TOTP). Each time you log into the myBrightpoint portal, an authenticator app, like RapidIdentity, will create a new TOTP that you will need to enter as part of your portal login. Watch the how-to video on how to opt in for TOTP, and watch the how-to video on how to set up and the authenticator app and use the one time passcode

Additional Options:

Need help updating your mobile number or personal email in SIS? Watch the how-to video.