Admission to Brightpoint is a privilege. Students retain that privilege so long as required academic and behavioral standards are met. Students are guaranteed certain rights that are balanced with specific responsibilities. Conduct that adversely affects the Brightpoint community’s pursuit of its educational objectives or represents a threat to its students, faculty or staff may result in disciplinary action.

Reports of alleged student violations may be submitted to the Dean of Students within fifteen business days of the infraction. The Dean of Students or her designee will discuss options for addressing the student’s behavior with the reporter.

If the Dean of Students determines the matter should be investigated, the case will be assigned to an appointed Judicial Affairs Officer. Depending on the nature of the charges, a student may be temporarily banned from the college, classes or specific areas during the investigation.

The Judicial Affairs Officer will interpret alleged misconduct with regard to published regulations and identify specific charges that will be brought against the student involved. The student will be invited to participate in a student administrative hearing, review evidence, ask questions, and provide witnesses. A decision to vacate the charges or impose a disciplinary sanction will be made before the policy’s deadline. Students may appeal decisions made by the Judicial Affairs Officer to the Dean of Students.  

All records of infractions and materials pertaining to and resulting from the inquiry (and any subsequent appeal) will be forwarded to and remain in the Dean of Students Office. 

To discuss the judicial affairs process contact Sandra Kirkland, Dean of Students at 804-594-1566; Michelle Spencer, Associate Dean of Students at 804-594-1534; or Michelle Tindall, Judicial Affairs Officer at 804-897-4182.