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Per Brightpoint Community College policy, evaluations of transfer credit for students who have declared a major will be conducted within 30 business days after receipt of both an official transcript and this form. Only courses that are applicable to your current major will be considered for transfer. If you decide to change your major, transfer credits from a previous major will not be removed.

Submit a separate form for each official transcript that needs to be evaluated. Financial aid recipients should consult a financial aid counselor regarding the impact of transfer credit on aid eligibility prior to submission of this form.

Transfer credit cannot be awarded under the following conditions:

  • A grade below "C-" has been earned or no grade has been assigned by the transfer institution
  • Courses over 10 years old in Natural or Physical sciences for students in the Nursing program
  • Courses over 5 years old in Computer Science or Information Technology for students in I.T. and I.S. related programs
  • Credit was granted by the transfer institution through submission of AP, IB, or CLEP scores
  • Upper-level or graduate courses (300+ level) with content that is not similar to courses offered through Brightpoint Community College
  • Courses with developmental content (below 100 level)
  • Foreign coursework that has not been officially evaluated by a credential evaluation agency
  • The transfer institution is not regionally accredited or did not possess regional accreditation during period of enrollment (Appeals may be made through submission of course syllabi to the appropriate Academic Dean)
  • A financial debt is owed by the student to the transfer institution and an official transcript cannot be obtained
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the stated instructions and policies regarding transfer credits. *