Engineering AS Program Requirements

  1. You must be eligible to take MTH 263 Calculus I or higher
  2. You must be eligible to take ENG 111 College Composition (or ENF3/ENG 111) or higher

All Engineering students are placed first in our Science AS major and assigned a Science Advisor prior to the completion of the above requirements.

When You Are Calculus I and College Composition I Ready:

  • Please complete the Declaring a Major form. It is important to meet with your Engineering Advisor to tailor your curriculum to your engineering specialization and transfer university requirements.

If You Are Not Calculus I and College Composition I Ready:​

Select an Engineering Preparation Pathway
If you do not yet meet the Engineering AS requirements, please choose one of the Engineering Preparation Pathways to satisfy the above admissions requirements, while taking other classes that will count toward both the Science and Engineering AS degree programs. 

Not Sure What Math You Are Ready For?

Use the Math Placement for Engineers table to determine what math you are ready for.

Transfer Options

Our engineering degree is guaranteed to transfer to many colleges in Virginia. For a summary list of GPA requirements and contact information, see the Engineering Guaranteed Transfer Summary. For complete details, please refer to the Engineering-specific Guaranteed Admissions Agreements.

Additional Questions

To discuss our Engineering AS curriculum in more detail, receive advice about your math choices, and/or ask questions about the application process, please visit the Advising Center on either campus. You may also email the Advising Center and/or your academic advisor.