Admission Deadlines

Fall Semester

Application Period: February 15–June 15
Start Date: August 21 (approx.) See our academic calendar for semester start date

Spring Semester

Application Period: July 15–November 1
Start Date: January 8 (approx.) See our academic calendar for semester start date

Summer Semester

Application Period: January 15–April 1
Start Date: May 21 (approx.) Classes are subject to availability; full-time enrollment may not be possible. As such, it may not be available to new F-1 students.

These deadlines reflect the estimated time necessary to process the student’s I-20, secure a consular visit, have the passport with visa returned to the student, and enter the United States before the semester start date. Brightpoint Community College will do all that is possible to accommodate requests outside of these timelines, but the student must be aware that many factors are well beyond the control of our college, and the desired admission start date may be impacted and/or delayed.

Get Started

Brightpoint is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Brightpoint, similar to most community colleges, does not have dorms or any other on-campus housing. International students are solely responsible for securing adequate housing, in accordance with state and local housing guidelines, throughout their stay here.

To get started on applying to Brightpoint as an F-1 Visa student, complete the following forms:

Begin gathering the necessary information with these documents:

Additional Resources

Study in the States: A DHS-sponsored website that explains the rules and regulations governing the nonimmigrant student process in the United States as well as providing detailed directions on how to complete the different processes.

Sprintax: US tax preparation software for nonresidents.

For more information:

Tiffany Fijalkovic
International Student Advisor
Principal Designated School Official

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
All times are U.S. Eastern Standard Time and are subject to change.


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International Students

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