Love working with your hands and solving problems? Brightpoint has more than 20 programs including welding, electricity, construction, machining and manufacturing that can get you started in a new career in two years or less. You’ll train in our state-of-the-art lab spaces that are equipped with the same technology and equipment you’ll use in your field. Plus, our partnerships with local businesses ensure that you are graduating with the skills employers are looking for in these high-demand fields.

Brightpoint Degrees and Certificates

Career and Technical Degrees and Certificates

Get the training you need to begin a new career or advance in your current one.

Additive/Subtractive Manufacturing, CSC
Basic Precision Machining Technology, CSC 
Building Construction Certificate 
Computer Numerical Control, CSC 
Computer-Aided Drafting and Modeling, CSC 
Electrical Engineering Technology, AAS
Electricity, CSC 
Energy Technology Certificate
Energy Technology, CSC 
Heating and Air Conditioning, CSC
Industrial Electricity, CSC 
Industrial Maintenance, CSC
Mechanical Engineering Technology, AAS- transfer options available
Mechanical Engineering Technology, Energy Specialization, AAS
Mechanical Engineering Technology, Mechatronics Specialization, AAS- transfer options available
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, CSC 
Precision Machining Technology Certificate 
Residential Electricity, CSC 
Surveying and Geographic Information Systems, CSC 
Technical Studies, AAS 
Welding Certificate
Welding, CSC

Related Degrees

Engineering, AS 
Architectural Engineering Technology, AAS 

Discover your interests and explore career options in these fields with our career coach.

“My Brightpoint experience opened doors for me at work. Now they look to me as more of a resource and an asset.”

Joe Detmer

Short Term Training from Community College Workforce Alliance

Jumpstart your career in as little as six weeks in programs in high-demand fields including:

Skilled Trades

Skilled trade jobs include heavy equipment operators, laborers, foreman and other positions that are consistently in high demand. Our training can prepare you for entry-level or apprenticeship roles in these industries.

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Central Virginia is a booming manufacturing region, and its companies are in great need of qualified applicants for their machine operator and technician positions to run and maintain their lines. 

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"Tyler made me prioritize and focus on what was important. It gave me patience in realizing that this change in careers was going to take time. I fought against odds and won, which gave me confidence I didn't have before.”

Tiffany Longest
Industrial Welder
Tiffany Longest

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