The Art Gallery at Brightpoint is located on the first floor, E107 of Eliades Hall on our Midlothian campus and hosts exhibitions from professional artists, as well as showcasing Brightpoint student work. 

The gallery hours: Open Mondays – Fridays, 12:00 – 4:00 p.m., and by appointment
To schedule an appointment outside of regular operating hours, please contact Dr. Paula Winn at

Upcoming Exhibitions

Modernizing Traditions

Artwork by Desmond Ellsworth and Allyson Gray

September 3 – October 11

Survivor Syndrome

Artwork by Jaraz Jenkins

October 11 – December 6

Karen Wittich and Susanne Arnold

Artwork by Karen Wittich and Susanne Arnold

February 3 – March 14

Juried Student Art Show

Artwork by Brightpoint Community College Students

April 14 – April 25

Past Exhibitions

2024 Juried Student Art Show

2024 Juried Student Art Show

Accepting entries March 25-29 in E307

Juror Chelsea Lee, Assistant Professor of Art Foundations at VCU


Enter up to three of your favorite pieces in any media for an opportunity to win awards for your art! All work must be submitted in room E307 (Eliades Hall, Midlothian campus) by the deadline. Please prepare your work for display before submitting. Each submission must have a completed entry tag and submission form to be considered for the show. Entry tags are available from E307 during the submission period. Artwork must be picked during the time indicated on the submission form.


The Juried Student Art Show will be on view April 8–29, 2024. Join us for the award reception Friday, April 12, 5:30–7:30 PM.

In Situ by Lindsay Steele

This exhibition is a conceptual journey considering perfect peace and navigating the unknown. The ancient ceramic materials of clay and wool are combined as mediums, exploring these opposing yet balanced ideas.


Lindsay Steele is an artist and art educator based in Richmond, Virginia. Lindsay has a BFA in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Ceramic Arts from Hood College in Maryland.


In conjunction with nceca coalescence. 58th Annual Conference Richmond, Virginia. March 20-23, 2024


The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts is a dynamic organization that inspires global advancement and appreciation of the field through programs, exhibitions, opportunities and resources.


March 11 through March 31

Artist Talk & Reception Thursday, March 21, 2024; 5-8pm

"we'll always have rabbits" by Michael A. Pierce

The exhibition will consist mainly of the drawings that I did in March/April 2023 while in residence at la Cité Internationales des Arts in Paris.

“Who doesn’t like a rabbit?” I have asked, knowing full well that there are those who find these images too safe and sweet. Obviously, the image of a rabbit is a loaded image. Rabbits carry symbolic meaning that varies widely and is often contradictory. They are safe, soft, and cuddly and therefore an appropriate symbol for the child in each of us. But they are also fearful, shy, and vulnerable, and sometimes prey for the hunter. At the same time, they remind us of our own sexuality, desire, and abundance speaking to the adult in us. Ultimately, rabbits may symbolically assure us of hope and happiness for the future with new life and new beginnings. The rabbit as trickster and the artist as trickster also play an important part in my work.

In March 2023, I returned to le Cité Nationales des Arts in Paris, for a residency that had been aborted by the pandemic in March 2020. I focused on two bodies of work using rabbit imagery – natural rabbits using source images from an October 2022 Virginia Rabbit Breeder's Association Fair and white chocolate rabbits, because it was Easter-time in Paris and there were chocolate rabbits everywhere. January 16 - February 23, 2024 (courtesy Quirk gallery)

"Mining the Present" by Cynthia Myron

Mining the Present represents Cynthia Myron's most recent body of work which presents a dialogue to consider; one that exists between individuals, intimate spaces, and the fleeting moments within nature. The culmination of these works explore the human impact on our natural landscape while simultaneously asking the viewer to examine their own place in the conversation as they consider the idea of home and place; how they serve as a symbol of safety and shelter.


Works provide a moment for contemplation, particularly those which are viewable by only one individual at a time. Isolated moments of voyeurism provide an opportunity to reconsider and deconstruct the notions of labor, industry, and commodity and present the opportunity to consider what is constant and reliable compared to what is mutable, shifting, and curiously inconsistent.

October 23 – December 8

"Land, Sea, and Sky" by Whitney Knapp Bowditch

Land, Sea, and Sky features atmospheric landscapes executed in oil paint and drawing media. The works are an exploration of surface texture, color relationships, and value contrast. The pieces vary considerably in scale and are completed on a variety of substrates. August 28 – October 6


Three Brightpoint advanced watercolor students – Beq Parker, James Parker, Janet Scagnelli –share their experiences of pain and rage, beauty and ugliness, order, and chaos. These works were completed between 2021 and 2022. Each of these artists speak to the world today in profound and moving ways with artwork that is personal, authentic, distinctive, and surprising. Curated by instructor Michael A. Pierce.


On view through July 28


Reception Thursday, July 27 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Homogeneous Bodies

Stephen-Bernard Derek Callender

November 11 – December 10, 2022

Homogeneous Bodies: Nodes is a sculptural investigation of the transmitters and receivers that act as physical markers of the invisible network. Taking a closer look at the infrastructural totems that litter the sky, the work shows reverence to these towers that stand as the bridge to the omnipresent and omniscient, ever present cloud of human invention. With it we find ourselves Intrinsically connected to nearly all of humanity by only a matter of milliseconds. Intertwined, we find the very fabric of our evolutionary biology collapsing in upon itself, as our society continues to compress under a wave of our technological expansion.


Eqqumarka: New Artifacts from an Ancient City to the Upcoming Exhibition section. The exhibition dates are August 15–October 7, 2022 and the artist is Patricia Silva-Santisteban.

Ceramic work by Patricia Silva-Santisteban

Chance / Intention

The Art Gallery at Brightpoint is pleased to present the first solo show from student artist, Josh Cloninger. Initially interested in photography, Cloninger’s recent exploration of materials and process has led him to non-objectivism in watercolor. Each work documents the outcome of Cloninger’s experimentation with media and reveals the choices that he made in the work’s production. Cloninger lives in Powhatan, VA.

Juried Student Art Show 2022

Enter up to three of your favorite pieces in any media for an opportunity to win awards for your art! See the online submission form for full rules. Submissions will be accepted March 21–28 in the Art Gallery, E107. The Juried Student Art Show will be on view in the Art Gallery April 11–29, 2022.

Stream of Consciousness

Artwork by Gerry Bannan and Genesis Chapman

The exhibition runs through March 11, 2022.


Artwork by Anne Savedge

January 24-February 28, 2020
Opening Reception: January 24

For a number of years, Savedge has been photographing people involved in dance and other movement through space. Her fascination with capturing movement began with belly dancers and now includes ethnic dancers, modern dancers, ballroom dancers, acrobats, and twirling monks. Savedge uses in-camera techniques and digital processing to capture the energy and excitement of a performance in images. 

Then and Now

Artwork by Diana Detamore and Laurie Carnohan

October 25-December 13, 2019
Opening Reception: October 25

Diana Detamore has taught in the Visual Arts program at Brightpoint for nearly twenty years; during this time Laurie Carnohan was one of her students. After Laurie graduated, they maintained their friendship, encouraging and inspiring one another’s creative pursuits. Both artists use mixed media to create richly layered images, which move between abstraction and representation. Their work shares several common themes and sources of inspiration: the mysteries of nature, the transcendence of time, and the inherent beauty discovered in obscure and fleeting moments.

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